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Sparkling Wine £16.-
Glass £4.50
Wine bottle £14
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Coca cola £1.50
Orange juice £1.50 
Water £1.-


Saturday 9th June (Cook your own sausage)


Saturday 10th March (Buddy Holly’s favourite dish)

Jean’s OKRA POT (V)

Make a roux with 100gr butter and 100gr flour, add 900gr of cut fresh tomatos and 3 garlic cloves

Add cajun spice, salt and little sugar.

Reserve in a slow cooker adding 1 cup of water.

Slice and fry 500gr Okra until not slimy & add 200gr shredded onion half way to the cooking.

When cooked add Cajun spice, salt and half of the lemon jus. Drain it and add to the slow cooker.

add to the pot 3 x 380gr of (Black beans in water)

Let it cook on the hight of the slow cooker until pipping hot. tast and and spice if required.

Ps: do not salt or spice too much it always better to spicy up at the end.

Take away the garlic clove before serving

Serve very hot.

Bon appetit!


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